Final Act of Compassion

Excerpt from the family letter received by the Critical Care Organ Donation Program:

On behalf of the Critical Care Organ Donation Program, I want to extend to you and your family our deepest sympathies on the loss of your son, James. In the midst of your sorrow and grief you had the courage to consider those who might benefit from organ donation. It is because of giving individuals like you and your family that the Gift of Life is possible.

This is James’ legacy of life: his kidney recipients; one a 29 year old male is free from dialysis and the other a 2 year old boy are both doing tremendously well post transplant. James liver was also recovered for transplant offering the 55 year old female recipient a new lease on life. Your son’s heart was transplanted to a 21 year old female who is looking forward to enjoying a new life with her family and resuming her education which had been put on hold. James’ lungs were successfully transplanted to an 11 year old boy who continues to improve daily.

Once again, on behalf of the Critical Care Organ Donation Program, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kindness and generosity. May you and all your family be blessed with love and support for the wonderful decision you have made.