Honoring His Memory

Jimmy’s Jams

Justin’s compiled a playlist of tunes for James.  To download, right click on the links below and select “Save target as…”

Knock Three Times
Heart of a Lion
Here For a Good Time
Someone Like You
Pursuit of Happiness
Mud On The Tires
Don’t Stop Believing
Magic Carpet Ride

Silicone Wristbands

“What Would James Do” – W.W.J.D. was an acronym coined in the 90’s that asked the question “What Would Jesus Do?  The acronym was embossed on wristbands and used as a personal motto to act in a manner that would demonstrate the love of Jesus through the actions of those who wore the wristband.  While James was not a religious man, he did conduct himself in a manner of respect for all people and he expected that those around him acted in the same manner.

James family and friends now wear these silicone wristbands that ask the question, “What Would James Do?”.  Anyone that wears one has signed a contract with James that they will conduct themselves with the same actions that James followed in his own life.  If you would like to wear a W.W.J.D. wristband in James honor, please request one by email

“Live Until Tomorrow Ends” was a tattoo that James had across his chest.  No one quite knew the real meaning of this tattoo for James but it seems he knew something that the rest of us did not.

Wristbands are purple in colour with white Old English lettering.  If you would like a silicone wristband that says “Live Until Tomorrow Ends”, please request one by email.