James’ Birthday 2012

Walk Back to the Bench

On Thursday, August 9th, James’ birthday, he would have turned 24.  We, his family and friends, will commemorate James and christen the new bench that has been placed in his memory in Bissett Park.

At 6 PM on Thursday August 9th, 2012, we will gather in the main parking lot of Bissett Park (where the big red barn used to be) to begin the walk back to James’ bench.  Wear something purple if you have it (James’ favourite color).  The walk back is along an easy, wide, packed gravel trail, with a short steep climb at the end of the walk up to the bench which is perched on a hill overlooking the water. There are pictures on the website.

You can check out the location of the bench by clicking here.  It is on the Jersey Jack Trail at the top of the hill, or walk to “The Grove” and straight up the hill.

Dogs are welcome and remember the park  “on leash”  rules.

Hope to see you there,
James’ Family

Update August 9, 2012

Thank-you everyone for gathering here with us this evening.  Family, friends, co-workers and friends of James …we appreciate you making the time to join us.  We are here for two reasons…first of all to show you all where this bench is.  Many have asked, and it can be confusing to find if you don’t know the park trails.  Now you know, and we hope you come back again and bring others with you.  Our hope is that many people over the years sit here for a moment, admire the view, think of James, and reflect on what’s really important in life.

Secondly, we decided to do this today because, 24 years ago today James was born, around this same time of day.  It was a very hot humid day, and Elaine had taken Daniel to Rainbow Haven Beach for the afternoon.  That same evening James was born.

So, in honor of James’s birthday and in celebration of his life on this earth, we propose a toast to him and invite you to raise a glass and, light a birthday candle, and join us in having birthday cupcakes.

Before we begin the walk back to the parking lot… We have Wendy Bell to thank for the cupcakes, Nancy McCombs and Marguerite White to thank for the beverage, the balloons, the flowers and helping to organize this evening.  We also extend thanks to our contact with the Bissett Road Provincial Park, Victor Henrikson, for facilitating the placement of the bench and also for finding an alternate way for some of our family to get to this very spot, those for whom the walk and the climb up the hill are just a bit too much.

But mostly we thank each and every one of you so much for joining us this evening and keeping James’ memory alive.

Elaine, David, Daniel and Jaycie and Morgan.